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KMS 2019

Decadal variability of Arctic Dipole pattern and its impact on the Arctic sea ice by E.-S. Heo, M. Sung, and S.-I. An

ICP 2019

Impact of North Atlantic freshwater forcing on Pacific Meridional Overturning Circulation under glacial and interglacial conditions by H.-J. Kim and S.-I. An

AGU 2018

A Nonlinear Mechanism for Interdecadal Change of ENSO by S.K. Kim and S.-I. An

AGU 2018

Improved probabilistic 21st century projections of heat waves over the Korean Peninsula and sea surface temperature over East Asian Marginal Seas by considering uncertainties by J. Shin, R. Olson, and S.-I. An

EGU 2018

Comparison of climate responses related to the hysteresis behavior of the AMOC under the LGM and the present climates by H.-J. Kim and S.-I. An

IBS 2017

Portraying ENSO Skewness in Nonlinear Recharge Oscillator Model by S.K. Kim and S.-I. An

IBS 2017

Feedback processes responsible for inter-model diversity of ENSO variability by E.-S. Heo, S.-I. An, and S.T. Kim

IBS 2017

Heat wave projections in the Korean Peninsula by J. Shin, R. Olson, and S.-I. An

IBS 2017

Changes in the Teleconnection between East Asian Winter Monsoon [EAWM] and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation [ENSO] with Warming Induced by the Orbital Forcing by S.-I. An, H.-J. Kim, W. Park, and B. Schneider

EGU 2016

Influence of orbital forcing on the ENSO-East Asia winter monsoon relationship by H.-J. Kim, S.-I. An, and W. Park

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